08 March 2019

[MB McCart] - TPC Real Politick: GA SOS Office Makes Politico; Newton GOP CC on Saturday

Some days back, after Covington resident & current FreedomWorks legislative director Jason Pye co-wrote a letter raising concerns with the Georgia Secretary of State's proposed plan for new voting machines, Jordan Fuchs - Deputy Secretary of State of Georgia & former political consultant with Landmark - took it upon herself to call Mr. Pye out on social media.

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Jordan Fuchs, Georgia Deputy Secretary of State

In a questionable move to have even done this in the first place, Ms. Fuchs then decided to double down after Pye responded & as more & more folks got involved with the thread. That's when I got involved & made a few comments. Even Mr. Rountree himself, the leader of Landmark, got in on the action. That's when I reminded everyone that they ran the Secretary of State's political campaign & then Ms. Fuchs took the job of Deputy Secretary of State. You know, good ole fashioned Georgia politics!

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As I said in the thread, the general behavior & antics of the Deputy SOS made me question the general caliber & judgement of this Constitutional office that is the custodian of the Great Seal of Georgia, and that also oversees corporations, some professional licensing & elections. Really, the more it went on, the more bizarre it got.

Under the radar there was much chatter going on & sure enough a couple of days ago national outlet, Politico, ran a story on it authored by Eric Geller in which he made pretty clear his take on things with a few tweets.

And finally after about 5 or 6 days, somebody got through either to Fuchs or Raffensperger himself, and the original Facebook post was taken down. Again, questions about judgement & efficiency of that office if it took that long to take it down, because, really, it was that bad. But, Geller's got screenshots. So does Pye. So do I.

Newton GOP, County Convention Time, Baby! 

So this Saturday is GA GOP County Convention day throughout our great state & it's looking like we've got a real humdinger coming up. As Mr. Fred Wheeler, one of my political mentors, always would say - "it's just good cheap entertainment." These proceedings are open to the public, and the press, and Yours Truly will be there to get that REAL Story.

Some interesting dynamics at play here.

The former outsiders, a group I was a part of for several years (and still am in spirit), after spending a long time trying to defeat the mean old establishment (Delia [God rest her soul], Bill P. et al) now find themselves in the role of...well, the establishment, in the literal sense of the word. Though by many accounts they've seemingly done a fine job of building back up the membership after it had dwindled so bad with the former establishment, it looks as if there are two distinct factions looking to take over the party. Based on my research, they are as follows:

- The cheerleaders & disciples of the previous establishment (the Smiths, Fleming machine, etc.)

- The SONG Alliance crazies folks

And then you've got the biggest group, I believe, our old friends - "The InBetweeners." These folks are truly in the middle, the GDI's, if you will, and ultimately it'll be up to them to decide in which the direction the county party goes.

And where does crazy Sammy Hay fit in with all of this?

Questions abound.

Lots of moving parts. Lots of excitement! I'll be there!

- MB McCart