25 March 2019

[TPC Guest Contributor Bobby L. Nettles] - Impressions of the Mueller Report: From the Right

Dear CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, Reuters, BBC, ABC, CBS, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Slate, Vox, Vulture, Mother Jones, Business Insider, Saturday Night Live, and a few dozen others including everyone in Hollywood with an internet connection...
Imagine how tone-deaf you have to be to not realize it makes you look bad, when facts do not match audience expectations you yourself raised based on literally nothing but your own toxic hatred and insular smugness.

And still you deign to outrage when you are called 'fake news' or pretend that any criticism of your dishonest reporting and divisive rhetoric is an Un-American attack on the sanctity of the 4th estate or the country writ large?

Your entire premise hinges on your inability to accept that your *team* lost the last election.

H . A . R . D - S . T . O . P .

Your seething hatred for the country you dishonestly pretend to love, or for anyone that dissents from your dogmatic orthodoxy, is on full display for all but yourselves to see.

So now you will abolish the Electoral College, allow 16 year olds to vote, continue denigrating law enforcement efforts to enforce immigration laws, re-write the Constitution, pack the Supreme Court, disarm lawful gun owners, and call anything or anyone that dares question any of it a racist or a Nazi, or a hatemongering white supremacist?

I think I speak for all rational citizens, of all ethnicities and beliefs, when I sincerely invite you to go -- FUCK [expletive deleted] yourselves.


Robert Lee Nettles

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Strong Boy, Trivia Titan & Athenian Robert Lee "Bobby" Nettles is a Cane Corso enthusiast & Friend to Freedom who simply calls 'em like he seems 'em.