27 March 2019

TPC Profiles - Ken Malcolm: CPD Captain, Adjunct Professor & Candidate for Newton Co. Sheriff ***BBQ FUNDRAISER: Academy Springs - THU MARCH 28th***

Ken Malcom, Candidate for Newton Co. Sheriff
By: MB McCart, Editor

"Outstanding," was the response given to me by Ken Malcom, Criminal Investigative Division Captain of the CPD (Covington Police Department), Criminal Justice Professor & declared candidate for Newton Co. Sheriff, when asked how the campaign was going. He went on to say how "humbled by the outpouring of support" he'd seen & how it was a "testament to this movement" we've created.

We. Ken said that almost exclusively during our interview. I literally think I only counted him using the word "I" maybe just twice. That's something I mentally count when I'm talking to folks a lot of the time. Ken is truly a "we" guy, and that's actually a rarity, especially in the political arena. When he was named D.A.R.E. National Officer of the Year in 2003, it was, according to Ken, because "we had such a great team...and it was the city & county" working together. Or, the great successes that have occurred with our local, top-notch municipal law enforcement agency, the CPD, it's because "we have such a great team."

He's a team guy. I like that...

In addition to being a law enforcement officer for 33 years, Ken has also been teaching over two decades. In addition to teaching Criminal Justice at GSU Perimeter, he's also been a real estate continuing education teacher for many years teaching the Realtor Safety Defense class. 

His bio is quite impressive: 

Ken Malcom has over three decades of experience in law enforcement in Newton and Walton Counties. He joined the Covington Police Department in 1986, and he has worked on patrol and in drug enforcement, community outreach, operations, investigations, commanded the Patrol Division, Operations Division, and Criminal Investigative Division.

Ken has worked as a task force agent working major drug investigations in Newton County, as well. He is well-versed in budget management, media and public relations and has an extensive background in managing both staff and volunteers. For 25 years, he has directed the award-winning Fuzz Run, a charity 5K race that has helped thousands of Newton County’s citizens, and has become one of Georgia’s premier races. During that 25 years, Ken has also been an instrumental part of the success of his agency’s Police Who Care organization.

He has over a quarter century’s experience as an educator teaching children and adults alike. He has taught children in the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program, general safety and Sunday School. Ken has taught adults in safety and parenting programs as well as college programs. 

Ken has a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Troy University,  he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has won numerous awards, including National D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year, YMCA Volunteer of the Year, and the Police Star Award for bravery. He is a member of Eastridge Community Church, where he attends with his wife, Lynn. He is a proud father and grandfather.

"After Lynn & I spoke, thought & prayed about running, we said to ourselves, "No Regrets - we're gonna work hard & leave no doubt that we did our best, with integrity & class."

As some of you know, I'm always on the hunt for the REAL Story, that's kind of my thing. And folks, to me - this is the real story. Ken Malcom is very well known & he is very well respected. And I'm not just talking about your typical Republican voters, though Ken has declared on the GOP ticket. Many folks know this fella & a ton of people have had him as a role model & a mentor with his work with the D.A.R.E. program. He's had such a profound & positive impact on so many lives.

I was talking to someone the other day, another person who has their finger on the pulse of the home county but...who you could maybe say with a different sphere of influence as this writer, and their thing was - "People know Malcom. They love him! They remember him when they were kids, and how good he was..."

No doubt, that's huge. I've known Ken for many years & I've been following Newton politics for a long, long time & he's really just in a class by himself. I think that's because Ken is just Ken. He doesn't project a persona. He's on the level. Stand-up guy. He's...REAL.

Now that's all well & good, but is he qualified? Looking over his resume, I'd sure as hell say so. His experience, education, designations & affiliations as well as the fact that he's been responsible for the budgeting & management of multiple different divisions over the years definitely makes him fully qualified in my estimation, whatever that's worth.

Malcom for Sheriff 2020

Friends, look for for multiple future reports on Ken in the future, including a follow-up piece in which I delve more into the particulars of our conversation that I immensely enjoyed. Moving forward, over the next several months, I'll be talking with Captain Malcom here & there about his specific vision & platform for Newton Co. in 2020 & beyond.

I'll also be reaching out to Sheriff Ezell Brown. It's no secret that this writer has had issues with the Sheriff on manymany, many, things. 

And last but not least, it's BBQ time! Be sure to get by Lions Club Pavilion at Academy Springs on Thursday, March 28th. 11 to 7PM. $12 per plate.  

And don't forget about that BBQ Fundraiser, folks! The Home County's Who's Who of BBQ Enthusiasts Put This Together & There's Gonna Be Some Mighty Fine Pork w/ All the Fixins! Lions Club Pavilion at Academy Springs Park - THU MARCH 28TH 11-7pm

As he told me, Ken truly wants to reach out & hear from all of Newton Co. He wants to talk to you. You can swing by tomorrow & talk with him in person. You can also give the campaign a ring at: 

(770) 771-3398 

Visit his campaign FB page atwww.facebook.com/kenforasafernewton/ 

Visit his website: www.kenmalcomforsheriff.com/

Again, more to come in the near future. As always, thanks for reading. 

- MB McCart, Editor