19 March 2019

[MB McCart] - Tuesday Odds & Ends: #COV Council Meeting; New Stop Signs; NRCP Follow Up

It's another great day in the home city of Covington, GA - the best darn city on Earth - & we're so glad you've joined us on this beautiful, though currently chilly, Tuesday morning. 

The #COV

So last night was the third Monday of the month so that meant it was Covington Council time! For anybody needing something to do a couple nights a month, I recommend it. Usually the city runs their meetings much more efficiently than the county BOC, and more democratically, giving ample time for the top of the flow chart - The People - to have their say.

Last night ran closer to two hours, so I was pretty disappointed with that; however, they did have a pretty busy agenda, plus a few surprises including "New York the Bounty Hunter," AKA, Maurice Turner, who went on a 5-minute 10-minute diatribe complaining about the city police targeting him. This is is the same Turner that was arrested in December of 2016 for impersonating a law enforcement officer. Later last night, after the meeting, Turner took to Facebook to voice his displeasure:


Apparently he hates white people, and he's armed to the teeth. Just a quick FYI. He's probably harmless, though...maybe we could get Sam Hay to go talk to him. 


But the big news from last night's meeting was that the city, finally, is going to do something about the unfair occupational tax that individual hairdressers & barbers are having to pay on top of the one paid by the establishment they work out of. Apparently a voting-majority consensus for reducing it to $25 is a done deal; Councilman Josh McKelvey would like to see a more nominal fee of $10. I say -0-. Regardless, it's a start, but nothing's happened yet. It still has to go through the process, so everyone needs to stay engaged on this one. 

Stop Signs! 

New, temporary 4-way stops at Church at Conyers; Church at Reynolds; Monticello & Conyers and Monticello & Reynolds. This is a great move. For starters, hopefully we can keep Attorney Turner from getting run over again, and this will HELP TREMENDOUSLY with traffic flow vis-a-vis the Covington Square. Now, if we can just get something done with the Elm & Floyd and Pace & Usher intersections, then we might be good to go! Great move, C-town! The Dude abides. Let's make 'em permanent. 

Newton GOP Situation

Well, my latest piece seemed to just upset more of The Outsiders (previously known as "The Resistance," and prior to that - "The Green Badges"). Well, gosh. The good news is that I will be talking to at least two more of those people, so look for a 3rd report on this situation in the very near future. 

Perrin's latest will be hitting this afternoon, so check back in, good people. 

Okay for now, 

- MB McCart