23 March 2019

[MB McCart] - NCRP Situation: 3rd Report

Howdy, folks.

So I've written about the Newton Co. GOP situation a couple of times starting with the piece that recapped the County Convention two weeks ago, and I did a follow-up last week.

The anger I apparently started with the original write-up only seemed to grow after the second one. Well, just damn. 

Let's see how this one goes...

First off, I want to clear the air about a few things. Yes, Ms. Beverly Collier, who ran as Treasurer for the non-leadership slate at the convention, was the alliance member I spoke with. By chance, our paths crossed so I interviewed her. Let it be clear that the information gleaned from that conversation wasn't what made it clear that what I referenced in the last piece about how it seemed like the Green Badges Resistance non-leadership alliance
"didn't know what they were doing, that they didn't have even a basic understanding of the Georgia Republican Party (GRP) bylaws, NCRP bylaws, the adopted Standing Rules of the Convention, nor even a casual understanding of Robert's Rules of Order."
No, I got that info from the convention itself. For those that were there, you'll remember I was sitting right up front, and when the big discussion about proxy voting came up, I heard it, and that was other members of the alliance.

Ms. Beverly's main point of contention was it just seemed like the party's leadership should have been more accommodating, if they were really wanting to grow the party. Well, I can appreciate where she's coming from on that, but unfortunately, at least for this go-round, that was a ship that had already sailed. There was documentation that nothing short of a full takeover of the party was the goal & intent of of a least a few in the "alliance." But again, that convention was run right, there's no doubt about it from my perspective.

Another issue that a least a few in the alliance had was the fact that there were people at the convention that weren't at the precinct caucuses. Again, that's just how it works. At the precinct meetings, the names of other qualified electors can be written in. It's always been that way. As long as their name was written in on one of the green sheets & it was signed by the Precinct Chair & Secretary, that written-in name - so long as they were a qualified elector residing in Newton Co. that subscribed to the principles of the Republican Party - was a full, legal delegate or alternate, just as much as anyone at the PMM back in February. Them's the rules, folks.

Still (and none of this is related to Ms. Collier or any conversations with her), it seems that the biggest problem some folks had in Newton about the current leadership of the party was that they didn't violate GRP (Georgia Republican Party) bylaws to actively support Brian Kemp during the GA GOP Governor's Primary. I got that straight from Fleeta herself. Well, folks, that's just not how it works. We all know that Newton Co. was major, major Kemp territory & that seemingly half of Covington is now working for the Governor's office, but a county party of the GRP cannot endorse a candidate until the primary - including the runoff - is done. Them's the rules.

But I think this could be a teachable moment. As I've said before, building a consensus isn't easy & it's even harder to maintain. Apparently some folks got after Ms. Beverly after my second report. So much so that she said she's done with all of it - both sides. Well...she's a smart lady.

Alright, I'm tying a bow on this one. Fin.

Thanks for reading. Until next time...

- MB McCart