30 March 2019

[Melissa Parker] - City Pharmacy's Sunday Social, March 31, w/ Athens Americana Group - Cicada Rhythm

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Athens-based Folk & Americana group, Cicada Rhythm will be playing City Pharmacy's second-ever Sunday Social on March 31 starting at 5 PM

This duo has really made a name for themselves with their beautiful, unique blends of voice, guitar & upright bass, and Folk & Americana stylings. Signed to New West Records, the group has a heavy following in Athens & Atlanta while recently picking up their 5,000th Facebook like. 

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Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis
In anticipation of the show this writer was able to have a Q & A with Andrea DeMarcus. 

Flagpole compared your harmonies to Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch-Tell us about the local Americana scene.
They flatter us with that quote, as I am a huge fan of Gillian and Dave. The Americana scene is small, but alive and well in Athens. Although it has more of a grunge, rock, indie, past(and present), Athens has this way of fostering any kind of musical growth. The community is supportive of every type of everything, and we love it!
Describe your songwriting process. How much is affected by your partnership versus environment? What do you try to avoid? What are some creative goals?
Dave and I are polar opposites when it comes to song writing. Where he deliberates for a week, or even a month, I wait for a muse to find me, and it’s done in 20 minutes. I think everything is affected by our partnership. We help each other finish songs, and flesh out arrangements, and our relationship is the source material and muse of many songs. 

As far as avoiding things goes, I think less about it in those terms, and more about what I TRY to do. I like to get plenty of sleep, eat well, talk to new people, and be as flexible as possible when we’re out on the road. Dave loves to make new friends, appreciates all music, and he is always on the lookout for a deal or opportunity!

Right now we’re putting together a few songs for the next record! No concrete dates for recording or release yet.
You recently participated with ATL Collective at Venkman’s “reliving the sounds of Chess Records”. Which Chess recording artist has influenced you the most?
Etta James had a huge affect on me growing up. I love her unapologetic power, and style. She has always spoke her mind, and that’s something I aspire to with my music and day to day life. Dave had a huge affinity for blues music when he was starting to play guitar. He has said that Bo Diddley’s guitar sound was a great inspiration. It was great to see him up there paying homage to a music helped shape him into the musician he is now! 
Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see you perform. Have fun @ the Spring Reunion!
Thank you! See ya soon!

Learn more about this fabulous group at their webpage & see why Flagpole Magazine had this to say about them: 

"The thing that most impresses about Cicada Rhythm's sound is how big it is, even though it's not. Cloaked in sleepy sweetness—all ringing acoustic guitar and sliding upright bass, cooed vocals with snug, Welch/Rawlings-style harmonies—the Atlanta-based duo's music lands with an impact you didn't quite see coming." 

This will be a great show, I hope to see you there.

Melissa Morgan Parker
TPC is very proud to have the talents of Melissa Morgan Parker as a Correspondent, Stringer & Contributing Writer. A multi-generational Newtonian, Mrs. Parker is a Mom, Wife, Music Lover, Artist Extraordinaire & Educator who very deeply cares about all & everyone that is the Glorious Georgia Piedmont.