06 May 2019

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: Priceless Family Memories

Family is priceless.  There are no other people on the face of the earth that will love you more, or mess with you more.  Family doesn’t always mean a blood relationship, but the kinship is there.  

When the kinship is there, beware.

I have one cousin that I can’t believe didn’t get us locked up together.  Well, he hasn’t yet.  He’s slung me over his shoulder, dropped me on a bed, took my shoes off and passed out beside me – but we haven’t gone to jail.    

Another cousin getting married provided awesome entertainment.  We, cousins and siblings, were all in the wedding party.  We all survived the wedding.  When it came time to go from the wedding to the reception, my –favorite- cousin hi-jacked one of the limousines and took us down to the Flats in Cleveland.  That’s the “bar-hopping” area, for any of those that don’t know.  We were all there in formal gowns and tuxedos, and had a blast.  We did make it back to the reception, after the picture taking was over.  There were no more photographers left when we got there and we could say “Cheese” and mean it.

My absolute favorite memory is my sister’s 30th birthday party.  

Her daughter was still nursing when my sister turned 30, so I couldn’t throw a proper party, but I –did- have a plan.  She was going to get one heck of a surprise party!

I didn’t even call my sister on her birthday.  She called my mother, SOBBING, that I’d forgotten her birthday.  My mother knew the plan and didn’t say a word.  Bless my mother’s heart, that had to be tough, but she didn’t bust me out!

The party was set in place and my sister didn’t have a –clue-.

She got to my house and came down to the basement.  It was well decorated.  Balloons, “Over the Hill” decorations, a keg, great music...  All the family was there (I still have pictures of my grandmother holding up an empty wine bottle and stuffing dollars into the g-string of the stripper I got my sister).  

Great parties are few and far between, but they should never be forgotten.