19 May 2019

TPC Real Politick: Pro-Liberty, Grassroots & Tea Party Coalition Carries the Day at the GA GOP State Convention

By MB McCart, Editor

After 7 years of close & sometimes stinging defeats against the old guard & establishment types, a consensus of grassroots activists finally took over the reigns of the Georgia Republican Party at its state convention this weekend in Savannah, GA. 

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David Shafer - The New Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party

David Shafer - friend of the program, longtime friend to the Georgia Liberty movement & former state senator - was elected Chairman of the party on the first ballot, surprising some political watchers. 

In David's own words:

Many thanks to the delegates of the 2019 State Convention of the Georgia Republican Party for electing me their State Chairman. So grateful to everyone who helped me in this campaign. Our work begins Monday getting ready for the 2020 elections!
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Congrats, Mr. Shafer!

Not unlike his campaign for Lt. Governor last year, the 'bad guys' tried to work another hit job on Shafer, but this time it didn't work. While a mountain of money from shady PACs can help propel a unscrupulous, power-hungry hack like Geoff Duncan (as it did in last year's aforementioned race), it's a different dynamic within the confines of a political party's delegates as Scott Johnson had to realize after his own dirty campaign failed to give him - & the state's power elite - control of the party.

Duncan, after running possibly the dirtiest statewide campaign in Georgia in probably a generation while benefiting from millions in "dark money" from out-of-state political groups, actually had the audacity to claim publicly that Shafer was a "divider" & that's why he was endorsing Scott Johnson. Johnson, by the way, was seen as the establishment pick by many.

No, Geoff Duncan, David's not a divider. You are. And there are still several folks working to get to the bottom of what happened last year, Yours Truly included.

Make no mistake, this was a huge political loss for the Lt. Governor. While Governor Kemp & pretty much the rest of the major Georgia politicians either endorsed Shafer or stayed neutral, Duncan - buoyed, in the words of one political watcher, by a false sense of the level of his political power - misread the tea leaves & shed some political capital. And that, in the opinion of this writer, is a good thing... 


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Brant Frost

Another key race in Saturday's convention was for 2nd Vice Chair & that's where we saw the first true Liberty activist ever elected to the state executive committee, Brant Frost, win a very close one, also on the first ballot. There'd been a last-second smear campaign by his main opponent, Robert Lee, which may have helped a bit but still wasn't enough. Congrats to Mr. Frost! We expect big things from this young man. 

From Mr. Frost: 

Honored to serve with this group of patriots! Thank you to all of our friends and supporters who stayed all day. This first ballot victory was made possible because of each and every one of you! Now let’s get to work!

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The New ExCom of the GA GOP

So, dirty politics lost & two good men who will do much for the Liberty in Georgia won. 

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Both Shafer & Frost were endorsed by the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA). Pictured: Alex Johnson (GRA) with new party Chair, David Shafer 

Thanks for reading. Until next time. 

- MB McCart