14 May 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - A Couple of Things: The Neocons Dream of an Iranian War; Hellywood Hating on Georgia, and; MUST READ Civil War Fiction

Greetings, beloved readers, near and far! It’s a busy time of year, policy and news-wise. Join me and we will explore two of the more interesting, if not alarming, topics of the recent cycle, followed by an excellent literary recommendation. This trio I found more tantalizing than little Benny’s BBC meltdown (poor wuttle Trotskyite snowflake), the unchecked flood across the Southern border, the new baby Royal, Trump’s trillion$ trade Tweet, social media either spying on or banning everyone to the right of AOC, and whatever happened concerning the coming GREAT QUADRENNIAL BLACK MASS. Here goes,

Cometh an Iran War?

The crazies that still have us fighting unwinnable, undeclared wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and one-third the rest of the world, aren’t happy about the way Russia checked U.S. imperial aggression in Syria. They’re really upset that the same thing happened in Venezuela, even as most Americans still can’t find that country on a map. Now, they want to go for the prize, the country they’ve been eyeing since 1979. Actually, THE Prize is Russia. But, for now, this week, Iran will serve as a good proxy.

Unlike with Iraq and Afghanistan, now they’re not even floating lies to justify the adventurism. They’re just doing it. Those who still wonder about things like this are left to wonder: Is it about oil? Are they blaming terrorism in [fill in the blank]? Did Seeing Eye Netanyahu order it? Is this for the benefit of our “friends” in Saudi Arabia? Could Goldman Sachs or Raytheon be in the red? Economic diversion? Another refugee source?

We may never know. Leaks, hints, and what passes for news, to some degree, kind of support all of my ponderings. For instance, we’ve heard rumors of Iranian plots against unspecified American interests in the region. Those, for some strange reason, remind me of the promise of Saddam’s Yellowcake, minus any semi-plausible specificity.

As is, we’ve got some big, tough words from some small, stupid men. The USS Lincoln steams towards the Persian Gulf. A task force too. A B-52 squadron. Patriot missiles. Etc. It’s almost like they’re gearing up for war. If so, will it be another of the splendid cakewalk variety? Could it be yet another endless quagmire complete with a Toby Keith ballad? Or, could this be the one in which Russia takes Uncle Sam behind the woodshed? We may soon know.

Meanwhile, a little closer to Covington,

The Devil Wants Out of Georgia

For as long as the neocons have dreamt an invasive slaughter of ancient Persia, the leftists have made slaughtering unborn babies (now, born ones too) one of their signature issues. Their “Holy” day is January 22nd (1973), the date on which the Supreme Court said murdering babies was a-okay. (I do not refer to the Supreme Court as “The Nine” for nothing).

Great was the consternation amongst the communists when some States began rolling back a few of those rights of women to choose (to murder), began to (GASP!) declare that living human babies are in fact just that. You know, little human beings with some rights of their own. You know, like the right not to be chopped into bits, vacuumed up, and sold to vampires. Last week, Governor Kemp signed Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill to that effect.

The ghouls of Hollywood, every last one of them degenerates, are not happy. And, they’re threatening to take their drugs, their STDs, and their child-molesting ways and leave town. All I could think to say when I heard the news, was, “Good!” Then again, being one to shun movies, television, and other forms of Satanism, I didn’t really know that Georgia had a film industry to abandon. You do, it seems. They want to control “your” Gold Dome and, if you don’t let them, they’ll leave.

A long list of celebrity garbage figures, none of whom I had ever heard of, issued a variety of condemnations, threats, and dire warnings. In particular, an outfit called “Killer Films” no longer considers Georgia a viable shooting location. Okay … if these killers can’t shoot at little babies, they’re going back … to hell? Sound good to me! Get out and take the rest of the trash with you!

I understand that some Georgians reap financial benefit from the salacious propa-tainment industry. Would you rather keep the money at the risk of your kids and the sovereignty of your State? I know, I know … Ain’t no time fer such questions. Gotta go see Endgame! (Ironman dies!) If you’re of the world, then by all means, keep supporting the catamites and demons. If you are merely in the world, then stop supporting those who hate you. Reject their “cool” films, “funny” shows, “dope” lyrics, and the rest of it. Ditch the fake and the obscene for the real and the beautiful. Remember, to have a heartbeat, you’ve gotta have a heart.

And, one finds battalion-level strength heart in,

A Fatal Mercy, The Man Who Lost The Civil War by Thomas Moore

The novel opens with high honor and hard truth, about the War and about the human condition. It also addresses more important issues:

Doc Craven has ordered me to give up drinking, and Nellie won’t let me chase women. If I have to give up cigars too, then I might as well be dead.

- Chapter Two, A discussion among the FitzHenry boys.

(Pic: Amazon/Green Altar Books – Shotwell/Moore)

Drayton FitzHenry, former Confederate cavalry officer, is a professor of classics. In fact, it’s said that he made the department. (See what I meant, last week, about the importance of the classics?) He also failed to take a shot at Gettysburg. How might his martial mercy have affected the War of Southern Independence? You’ll have to CLICK above and find out for yourself. This is another of my review previews. I’m just beginning to work my way into the newly published tome. However, I can fully recommend it at this point - especially to those who love the South and our history (that’s quite a few of you).

There’s more behind the exhortation: Tom Moore is a friend of mine. He is a man of the West, dedicated to more than “mere” Southern culture. He is the living embodiment of measured, educated civility. Ever in search of truth, he walks resolutely where Angels fear to tread. He’s served your interests, still does, even if you don’t know it. Repay the favor and buy the book - $4.95 on Kindle and $19.95 in paperback.

I’ll close with the fitting lyrics that I posted on my blog and emailed to Tom the other day:

Saw you a-marchin’ with Robert E. Lee;
You held your head a-high, tryin’ to win the victory.
You fought for your folks but you didn’t die in vain;
Even though you lost, they speak highly of your name.

– “Johnny Reb,” Merle Kilgore / Johnny Horton (1959)

Until next time, mes chers amis.