08 May 2019

Newton BOC Officially Approves $500,000 Payout to Anthony Avery

By: MB McCart, Editor 

The Newton Co. Board of Commissioners made official Tuesday evening what had already been agreed to in principle, and that was the agreement of a settlement* in the amount of $500,000 & a full & final release of all claims regarding the firing of the Newton Co. Recreation Commission's former director - Anthony Avery.

As this publication has written about several times, this seemed to be a money grab & a miscarriage of justice, but, whatever, our county - which is a financial disaster - now has to spend a bunch of money that we don't have. Though, to be fair, the county itself is only paying $175,000 with the Rec Commission & insurance picking up the rest. Still...being that Avery was eviscerated in the 2016 Forensic Audit & was found to have been fired WITH cause, it's a bitter pill for the Newton Co. Taxpayer to have to swallow.

One last thing.

While the county is only going to be paying the aforementioned $175K for this settlement, my source with the Newton Co. government confirmed the following: 


A quarter of a million dollars already. Just damn...

And that's the REAL Story, folks. 

 "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"

Henry VI, Pt 2, Act IV, Scene 2

- MB McCart 

*SP 19. BOC: Consideration of approval of Settlement Agreement
and Full and Final Release of All Claims between
Anthony M. Avery, Newton County and Newton County
Recreation Commission.
Approved (4/0/1) Commissioner Edwards
recused himself from the vote (served previously
on recreation commission board)