02 May 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - Dear Tallahassee: The Second Amendment Requires No "Guardian"

Legislative sessions continue to confirm many uncomfortable truths. One is that people are just plain stupid. Another is what Cicero said (just a few years back): “The more laws, the less justice.”

Case in point: the Second Amendment runs all of twenty-six words - plain, simple, so unambiguous a Supreme Court Lackey can almost understand it. That was then, in 1791. Today, on or about May 1, 2019, the sad, slow legislature of the great, humid State of Florida* gave us House Bill 7093 (2019), the “Armed Teachers Act.” (As of my typing time, it is assumed that Governor What’s-His-Guy will sign it into immediate lawful effect). It’s some 42 pages, around 9,000 words. The verbose, the numerological, and the pedantic, especially those Freudianly obsessed with “Incorporation,” must be ecstatic with both the law and with my take. It’s 350 times the law!!!

I know, as a right-winger and a gun nut I’m supposed to be happy that brave “Guardians” will be armed and patrolling the Sunshine State schools to protect them youngins. So sorry (not really), but I just don’t feel warm and fuzzy about this overwrought piece of official toilet paper.

Read all about the excitement of it from The Miami Herald. It’s a good article but it’s full of quotes from politi-critters. Those, I tend to “hear” more than I read. Honestly, they all sound like lound, angry rats scrambling up a gravelly embankment to escape a sex orgy of leeches and coyotes. [Threw up a little in my mouth just thinking of it].

For now we shall leave the demographic and practical political angles alone beyond a few points tangential to the following, to wit:

As I noted on my blog, the new law “is [at best] a half-step in a sideways direction.”

This bloated tangle of legaleze does nothing to ease the hellish burden that is the Florida public (government) school system. That, as much as Georgia’s or any other State’s, is a subsidized and beloved child abuse racket. It’s not the guns or the lack thereof in the schools; it’s the fact that the schools exist. They shouldn’t. That’s my first rambly point.

The second point, the Constitutional point, the Siba Rice point is that this is in no way a victory for the Second Amendment. The two critical words in Amendment Number Two - always overlooked by everyone - tell us why the 2A, and the rest of the Old Parchment, and most of the rest of Western, Anglo-American jurisprudence have neither teeth nor hope these days. They explain what’s wrong with “guardians” in the schools.

Those words are not “well-regulated militia.” They’re not “the Right.” They’re not “The People.” They’re not “keep” and “bear.” And, they’re neither “shall not,” nor “be infringed.”

They are … Free State. F-R-E-E S-T-A-T-E. Emphasis on the “FREE” part. I challenge any of you to lead me to this now mythical place. It certainly is nowhere near where they waste 42 pieces of paper so Coach Smith can possible carry a Glock 19 from his car and into the school building where the rest of the Bill of Rights are routinely quashed.

In case your calendar is out of date, this is no longer 1776. Freedom is as out of fashion as powdered wigs. The difference is that you could pay most people enough to take a wig or two. Not so with the “F” word. Today - sorry Madison, Jefferson, etc. - we’ve become a nation of helpless women and children, ever in need of a “guardian.” Of course, the “guardian” has to get a permit, take a class, pass a test, pay a fee, please the Sheriff, maybe blow somebody at the school board, jump through a burning hoop while hopping on one foot, and sing a dirge of diversity before He, She, or Xir can begin to think about guarding anything or anyone.

Sorry, again (not really) - I’m just not feeling this shit. Not tonight.

In a free place, the kids would attend whatever local school they and their parents thought best - the kind of happy place where LEARNING goes on. And, if one of those parents, or any local for that matter, happened to stop by while toting iron, then so be it. We were once such a people. We were better educated. We had better manners. We did not suffer school shootings or much other crime. We were armed even without pressing need. We were free.

We also didn’t need 112 (or 535) useless, loquacious idiots wasting trees or digital ink to keep us saaaaaaaaafe. We, those of us left, still don’t need them. But, damned if we don’t suffer them. Rejoice! We need not suffer them lightly.

Good on ya, bold Republicans of Citrus Grove Landia! If this Bill saves just one student’s life, then that is something good and positive. However - and I’ll end with this - it would be far gooder and positive-ier… to spare all of the 2.7 million public school students between Pensacola and the Keys the dismality of the system. The Free are their own guardians, thank you.

*UTTERLY Blind Homers: “Florida” is the next big tax jurisdiction South of Georgia (like way down I-75). It’s where them GAY-tors in blue and orange be a lurkin. Disney-Trap, the beach, etc...

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