26 May 2019

BOC1 Commissioner Stan Edwards Addresses Mansfield Traffic Concerns

Lately, especially on the heels of yet another bad wreck in downtown Mansfield, several residents have voiced concern with the traffic issues of their home city, formerly known as Carmel Junction (and also Bob Lee). 

Stan Edwards, Commissioner of Newton Co.'s 1st district & a true man of The People, has developed a plan of attack that he shared with his constituents this weekend: 

"This is a follow-up to a couple of other FB conversations on the Mansfield page. Two accidents in Mansfield in the last three days means it’s past time for something to be done. Truckers jump off I-20 and I-85 north of us to avoid Atlanta traffic and speed though Mansfield. Passenger and other commercial vehicles from Newton, Morgan, and Jasper counties speed through Mansfield. It’s a problem I see every single day on my daily walks through town. It’s scary sometimes. Over the last several years I have engaged local law enforcement for help with this issue. They always respond but scarce resources means a temporary fix in most cases. Newton county has good friends on Governor Kemp’s staff. I will reach out to them for available help. I will contact state and local law enforcement for help. This morning I sent an inquiry to the DOT asking for a caution light at 213 and 11. We’ll see how they respond but they are normally pretty good making things happen when possible. I will ask our Probate Judge for help with ticket fines - to the extent allowable by law. Lastly. Our new sheriff precinct in town should be used for the purpose of helping slow down traffic.

We have got to change the culture of speeding in Mansfield. Once word gets out that the town is serious about safety, things should improve. Hers the thing - we have to set the example. Tell your neighbors, teenage kids, and anyone else to slow down. I’ll report status on the above-mentioned items as I get it."

We applaud Commissioner Edwards for this & will be keeping an eye on the situation moving forward. 

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Mansfield, GA 

--MBM, Ed.