09 May 2019

--CORRECTION-- In Re Avery Settlement

By: MB McCart, Editor

It was brought to this publication's attention that the information  we received & published in yesterday's piece was erroneous. Our source for that number was "mistaken." I apologize for that. 

It was confirmed today that the Newton Co. BOC had spent $150,000 - not $250,000 - & per the County Attorney (per Ronnie Cowan), the county's insurance picked up $90,000 of that amount. So, out of pocket legal fees for the home county = $60K on top of the $175,000 for the settlement. 

Thanks for reading. 

- MBM 


  1. In this litigating age what insurance company is stupid enough to insure Newton County and how much are the premiums?

    1. Good question! I'd like to know those premium amounts. Think I'll look into that.

  2. $100K loss? 2-lane Hogg Memorial Highway instead of 4-lane. Tragedy.


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