23 May 2019

Nature Watching with The Alibug: Eastern Sceech Owl Hiding Out; Thirsty American Goldfinch; Spiders & Snakes!!!

Greetings, readers, it's time for another communion with Nature, compliments of The Alibug - Ms. Alisa J. Brown


Today's special treat! ▶️🦉◀️
I posted on a bird page that I think my 'bird angel' is near...(that would be my mother! 🥰) After seeing the Red-headed Woodpecker (I'm still seeing it, too!!!) and being so delighted by it, I was walking down my driveway today just to see what I could see and I thought I saw EARS sticking out of a tree! They WERE ears! OWL ears!! I love owls and do not ever recall seeing one here in a nest cavity. But I did today!! 🤩

Eastern Screech Owl in a Knothole...

'WHOOO' Goes There?!'

Birds can 'lap' water, similar to dogs and cats! This male American Goldfinch has just snatched a drop from the water dripper, that's currently not quite 'dripping'!! (Need to fix that...not good for the well pump or water resources!) Birds LOVE fresh water, however, and if you have a birdbath or water dripper in your yard, you are very likely to see more birds!

This bird's parched! 

Snake coming down a trellis at the side of my porch about three feet from Steve! I had to point out there was a snake close enough that he could touch if he leaned forward! Reminded me of my mother saying, “If it had been a snake it would have bitten me!” Although a bit out of context since Steve wasn’t looking for a snake! But.....he SHOULD be especially since that little Copperhead nicked him last year!! 😳😁

*Ed.note: I would've screamed like a little girl & went running away at a fast pace! -MBM

It's getting pretty buggy out there! Now if the Yellow Jackets, Mosquitos, and Japanese Beetles will stay away, i'll be good! This is one of our most colorful spiders in Georgia... it's an Orchard Web Weaver. I look for them every year. And those shiny little eyes are looking at me!

Ed.note II: Nothing like walking through one of these as I did some years back; 'I screamed like a little girl & went running away at a fast pace' while frantically brushing & hitting myself. 

Multi-generational Newtonian & former WGFS radio host, Ms. Alisa loves the outdoors, birds, the arts, fine dining & great music. She's also got a thing for pirates... An absolutely wonderful woman, we're so glad to have her beautiful nature pics here at TPC.