12 May 2019

Sunday Night Check-in - On the C-town Beat: Mayor's Race; Knight Retiring; SHIII; Odds & Ends

By MB McCart, Editor

Hey, guys, how goes it? Good, I hope.

So another week in the books of the #COV. In terms of local news, a lot of coverage & ink from the other press outlets in town have been dedicated to the "Accused Killer Parents" trial. Following that story - and even going as far to watch in on FB Live - is something that has no appeal for me. Thinking about that poor baby, though...it's just awful. Hopefully Justice will be done.

Mayor's Race 

After almost three weeks of speculation & hearing that something was imminent, it seems confirmed that former Covington City Manager, Steve Horton, has publicly declared his intent to run for Mayor of Covington this fall. 

I know a good number of folks who really think a lot of Horton, but I know a fair number of folks that don't. Not unlike your semi-esteemed Editor, and possibly some of you reading this, it oftentimes seems as if many of us out here have a duality of emotion directed in our direction - having fans & non-fans.

Horton, by most accounts, did at least a fair job as City Manager, filling the large shoes left by his predecessor, Frank Turner Sr.

I was recently sent Mr. Horton's contact info & hope to have at least a preliminary chat & corresponding story soon. Personally, I really don't know Steve, but the few times I've met him it seemed as if he was a stand-up guy. I'm looking forward to learning more about him.

That puts our list of declared mayoral candidates now at two - Horton & the Preacherman, Tim Walden.

I recently spoke with our current Mayor, Ronnie Johnston, & according to him he still hasn't made up his mind if he'll run for another term or not, though this writer feels fairly confident he'll probably end up qualifying for this race when the time comes, speaking of the aforementioned phenomenon of having a fair number of both supporters & detractors.

At this point, if all three qualify, it's definitely a 2-man race between Horton & Johnston. Who has the most goodwill? Who has the most...'badwill'? We shall see; however, don't be surprised to see at least one more person throw their hat in the ring, likely a west-ward entrant.

Current City Manager Leigh Anne Knight Retiring 

So that was the deal with the new contract & severance package. It's what I figured...

I thank Ms. Knight for her service to the city.

The selection of the person to take over this position will be a very important one. We'll keep an eye on it.

The Cherokee Scotsman, Samuel Hay III 

Against better judgement, I decided to take a swipe at my old friend on the book of faces the other night, in essence asking - in a bit of a snarky way - what he'd been up to since he'd blocked me back in March. Based on the screenshots, he sniped back. Hell, I'd been disappointed if he hadn't.

Poor ole Sammy, I kinda hate to see him piss away his legacy like this, but let's face it - he's gotten old, and mean, bitter. I'm too busy to play Cowboys & Indians w/ him, if I had the inclination to do so anyway. Hope he finds whatever it is he needs to find. I'm going to get you back on some of the AME prayer lists, Sam. We're all pulling for you!

But seriously - call me anytime, pal! And really, I'd prefer to see you in person sometime soon. If you thought I ripped your head off that night in front of Amici a while back, I'll raise the bar this next time, I assure you.

Odds & Ends

I ran into an old friend recently who had some direct knowledge of the whole Rec Commission situation (within the actual department) & was someone I'd spoken with a few times about it the last year & a half. We were both just like - "well, hell...is what it is." A few hundred grand down the drain. Everybody knew of the issues & problems for years. The Rec Commissions investigation back in 2017 presented compelling evidence. Later, the county itself found that the firing was with cause. But, we see how things turned out. What can you say? It's Newton Co. 

This past week I saw Tommy Craig twice in as many days. I drove by him standing in front of his law office on College Ave one day; he drove by me as I was standing & smoking on the corner of College & Elm the next day. We waved both times, and while the last several times I'd seen him a while back & he looked pretty rough (dealing with some pretty serious health issues, you know) the sonuvabitch looked healthier than a horse, probably in better looking shape than I've seen him in five years. How 'bout that? 

Image result for tommy craig covington ga
Got the law office looking good & not like it was starting to fall apart; making big bucks from the Sheriff & seemingly in good health. Wm T "Tommy Craig," folks - NOT going gentle into the good night...

Well, alright, until next time. 

Thanks for reading, 

MB McCart