16 May 2019

Just Say No (to the War Drums)! - A Commentary by Marshall McCart

It's been quite something, something that I haven't seen it in about 15 years. A total & absolute changing & reversal of the narrative at the national level. As soon as the Dems' attempts to go "All In" against Trump started to fall apart & - more importantly - the war machine's desiring for added profits (See: Iran) started to grow, we've seen the news cycle totally change, haven't we [and how about so many outlets - especially Drudge Report - not giving any print to the apparent impending indictments against the deep state?]. 

Strange, no? 



The recent legislation from states like Mississippi, Georgia. Louisiana - and of course - Alabama, has completely sucked up the air in the proverbial room. Isn't it funny how that always works? i

BONUS - Were these actions the result of a few northern states basically legalizing infanticide?

We report; you decide...

Well, I have no doubt that we won't have to worry about the possibility of a Republic-ending mistake of going to war with Iran in 2019 because I know CONGRESS would never allow it.

So, ultimately, all is well.

We hope...

Thanks for reading. Until next time. 

- MB McCart