16 May 2019

Nature Watching with the Alibug: Woodpeckers, Rabbits & More!

I feel like my yard is under siege this year!!

Rabbits and Deer are eating my flowers, and Raccoons are looking for bird's nests in the top of the trees! Cowbirds are scaring off my migrating birds and regular birds! Oh, my! 😞

This particular Raccoon has traveled through the limbs of a White Oak to the VERY flimsy limbs of a Chinaberry Tree, (which needs to have its trunk slit!!) probably looking for baby birds or unhatched eggs. Pretty sure it's not up there to smell the flowers! I'm saying the limbs are flimsy and also brittle, because the only thing my Dad ever broke on his body as a boy was his arm; and he broke it falling from the branch of a Chinaberry Tree that was breaking under his weight!

Rascally Rabbit
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A Trash Panda in a Tree!
Scruffy is still here! I'm usually seeing little lady hummers this time of year. I have seen one! But she's not showing up too often. However.....the spider webs outside my bathroom window seem to be gone and that's important! More than once, I've seen female hummingbirds collecting spider webbing to use in constructing nest! SO............??? Scruffy has been a little bored, it seems. He's been absolutely harassing the songbirds that haven't been run off by the Cowbirds! Since he's about a third their size, or maybe even a fourth!!....it's pretty funny to watch! 😆

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Scruffy the Hummingbird

Wow! I haven't seen these guys near my house in over 40 years! But this one is working on a cavity nest in this pine across the road from me. Not a great picture...but if the birds stay, the pictures will hopefully get better! I am SO excited!! 🤩 BTW...With Crows, Blue Jays, Red-headed Woodpeckers and other birds, the males and females are identical! So it's hard to tell male from female. Obviously, the birds know! 😃

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Red-headed Woodpecker

Alisa Brown 

Multi-generational Newtonian & former WGFS radio host, Ms. Alisa loves the outdoors, birds, the arts, fine dining & great music. She's also got a thing for pirates... An absolutely wonderful woman, we're so glad to have her beautiful nature pics here at TPC.