22 May 2019

Summary of the Newton Co. BOC General Meeting from 5/21/19

* a special thanks to Ms. Jackie Smith, Clerk of the Newton Co. BOC , for the wonderful job she does including getting these summaries out in a very timely manner. Thank you, Ms. Jackie. - MB McCart, Ed.

1124 Clark Street
Covington, Georgia
Regular Meeting
Agenda Summary
May 21, 2019

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Thought for the day…

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

7:00 p.m. 1. Call to Order: Chairman Marcello Banes
2. Invocation: Pastor Mike Franklin, Solid Rock Baptist Church

                       3. Pledge of Allegiance:  Commissioner Demond Mason

4. Agenda Adoption
Approved 5/0 with changes.
  • Removed Item #11 and item #13

                        5. Citizen Comments
6. Chairman’s Report
  • Robert Foxworth
  • Coach Rick Rasmussen
  • Ralph Staffins
  • JDA Update

7. County Manager’s Report:
H/O Miscellaneous Reports
8. Old Business:
BOC: Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
(Budget Amendment Request tabled till May 21st.)
Denied budget amendment request, but approved moving forward with RFP for Professional Services Consultant.
4/0/1 (Abstention: Commissioner Henderson)
Preferred two motions instead of combining motion into one.

New Business:
Public Hearing
3          9. Development Services:  Adoption of a new section
Of Chapter 4, Section 4-104 of Division II of the Code of Newton County, Georgia, the Community Redevelopment Tax Incentive Ordinance.
Approved (5/0)

6-  38 10.       Consent Agenda:
10a. BOC: Appointment to SPLOST Committee – Jeff Terrell
10b. Juvenile Court:  Approval of Agreement for Services with Court Reporter. Funding:  Juvenile Court Budget.
10c. Sheriff’s Office:  Approval to apply for the FY18 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) Grant.
10d. Sheriff’s Office:  Approve to apply for the 2019 AAA Traffic Safety Grant
10e      IT: Approval of Agreement with JSCM Network Security
Testing, Training Management.  Amount: $19,400. Funding: IT Budget
10f. County Clerk:  BOC Meeting Minutes - April 16, 2019
10g. County Clerk:  BOC Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2019
Approved (5/0)
New Business (continued)
11.       BOC: Renewal of CIGNA Health Insurance Agreement
Removed from agenda until to get a quote from United Health Insurance Company. (June 4th BOC meeting)

12. BOC:  Approval of the purchase of vehicle for County Manager
Approved (5/0)

13. Development Services:  Approval of Resolution R052119 –
Adoption of approved report for FY18/CIE/STWP.
Removed from Agenda

7:30 Public Hearing
39 & SP      14. Rezone Case Number:  REZ19-000002
Approved (5/0)

15. Rezone Case Number: REZ19-000003
Approved (5/0)

16. Alcohol License
First Reading
Texaco Food Mart
2156 Hwy. 81
Oxford, GA 30054
SajiBali Prabhan
District Five
Chairman Banes read the alcohol request into the record.

Final Reading
Liberty Food Mart
1058 Hwy. 142 East
Covington, GA 30014
Shanaz Surani
District One
Approved (5/0)

17. Citizen Comments     
18. Commissioner Comments
19. Executive Session – No ES
20. Adjourned @ 9:35 p.m.