26 February 2020

A Guest Commentary by Bobby L. Nettles: The Death Rattle of the Deep State?

*Ed. Note: I wholeheartedly concur & approve this message. - MB McCart 

Anyone that thinks this Coronavirus is a naturally occurring accident isn't paying attention.

This was done intentionally and was predicted by literally thousands of people.

This is what a worldwide globalist establishment looks like on its way down.

This is what the monsters lobbing bombs from the corner they've been chased into looks like.

China could use a few million less people now that the US has slowed their economy by forcing them into a more fair trade agreement and businesses are leaving.

The US 'permanent state' could use an economic calamity to have a shot at defeating Trump in November.


Where do these things originate?

Who creates them?

Who controls those entities?

What has been happening in Canada with Chinese professors and 'grad students' being kicked out?

Who is the head of the CDC?

Is she related to any other Deep State goons? Who I wonder?

None of these occurrences are 'organic' - they are the desperate death rattle of a global criminal canard coming unraveled while trying to save itself.

All of these entities have been projecting a Matrix like facade that we collectively accept and live within.

The media.
The government.
The entertainment industry.
The CDC.
Centralized mega farming.
The International Monetary Fund.
Big oil.
The Military Industrial Complex.
The Global Intelligence Apparatus.
Social Media.
The United Nations.
Big Tech.
The World Health Organization.
Central Banks.

It's all going to come crashing down soon, I just hope I live long enough to see the animals that have treated humanity like cattle brought to justice.

Strong Boy, Trivia Titan & Athenian Robert Lee "Bobby" Nettles is a Cane Corso enthusiast & Friend to Freedom who simply calls 'em like he seems 'em.  

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