20 February 2020

A Thursday Check-in From MB: The Tragedy That is Floyd St.; Conspiracy & Collusion (Maybe JC Could Win?); ED

*edited 2/20/20

Howdy, friends. Hope it's all good out there for you fine folks. Things are good on my end, just hoping for a little bit more rain.


People have been talking about this for years. The question is this: why are the road conditions of the supposed "Main Street of Covington," Floyd St, flirting with Candler Rd type conditions? I mean, really, why? It makes no good sense.

I think there may be a lesson there, perhaps something about not seeing the forest for the trees? Getting caught up in the weeds & losing sight of the big picture? Hell, who knows? Maybe that's just above my pay grade.

I'll just say this: when folks are weaving in & out of their lane so as to not damage their vehicles, then, maybe, it's time to do something?

I say - "Let's Make Floyd St Great Again!"

Conspiracy & Collusion

There exists, to this day, a certain legal proceeding that's still just sort of dangling in the wind.

The word "conspiracy" has been bantered about pertaining to it.

It has to do with a certain elected official, at the time, and a certain governmental entity. It could really make for some high drama if it actually came to a head. Depositions & subpoenas - A court-mandated search for the REAL Story that could have implications on multiple Newton Co. politicians, a Newton Co. Atty-@-Law*, as well as State of Georgia elected officials & appointees.

Sounds pretty damn good to me...

Economic Development

The Chamber, apparently, has had their Charley James moment? But what of the IDA?

These stories & more are...DEVELOPING...

- MBM 

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  1. My wife and I have considered applying for a job as consultants for the city to locate the potholes and make a list of the needed repairs to the city streets. Of course, we wouldn't be hired because we're not experts. It makes you wonder if the decision makers drive on our streets. Surely, they know where these problems are. I can't help but think this situation at least contributed to some of the outcomes in the recent election. The new incumbents had better pay attention.


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