20 February 2020

A Thursday Check-in From MB: The Tragedy That is Floyd St.; Conspiracy & Collusion (Maybe JC Could Win?); ED

*edited 2/20/20

Howdy, friends. Hope it's all good out there for you fine folks. Things are good on my end, just hoping for a little bit more rain.


People have been talking about this for years. The question is this: why are the road conditions of the supposed "Main Street of Covington," Floyd St, flirting with Candler Rd type conditions? I mean, really, why? It makes no good sense.

I think there may be a lesson there, perhaps something about not seeing the forest for the trees? Getting caught up in the weeds & losing sight of the big picture? Hell, who knows? Maybe that's just above my pay grade.

I'll just say this: when folks are weaving in & out of their lane so as to not damage their vehicles, then, maybe, it's time to do something?

I say - "Let's Make Floyd St Great Again!"

Conspiracy & Collusion

There exists, to this day, a certain legal proceeding that's still just sort of dangling in the wind.

The word "conspiracy" has been bantered about pertaining to it.

It has to do with a certain elected official, at the time, and a certain governmental entity. It could really make for some high drama if it actually came to a head. Depositions & subpoenas - A court-mandated search for the REAL Story that could have implications on multiple Newton Co. politicians, a Newton Co. Atty-@-Law*, as well as State of Georgia elected officials & appointees.

Sounds pretty damn good to me...

Economic Development

The Chamber, apparently, has had their Charley James moment? But what of the IDA?

These stories & more are...DEVELOPING...