29 February 2020

The Month of February at TPC: A Report by the Editor (GATA!)

By MB McCart, Ed.

Greetings, fine folks & we sure hope it's fine as frog hair out there.

What a day? Perhaps finally an end to this quagmire du jour, in which we saw thousands of our boys & girls die; pissed away trillions of dollars & continued to line the pockets of the Bank$ters, MIC & Deep State - that was Afghanistan? We can only hope. Brother Lovett released a damn fine piece on that just earlier today.

Also, ICYMI, Ryan Ralston's been dropping those pesky truth bombs of his here, there & everywhere.

And top-notch contributions from the rest of the gang - Ms Bess, Ms Kayla & Da (as well as Bobby Lee - figure at this point he should just become a regular contributor, no?) - we are truly a situation of the sum being so much greater than the parts.

My friends, I'm so happy to report the following:

In two less days, no less, the month of February has just outpaced January of 2020 here at the ole newssite. If you'll remember, January was the best month we'd had in almost a year & a half. So, that's really saying something, in my opinion. 

And no joke - I've been stopped more in the last couple of weeks, sometimes by total strangers, talking to me about TPC. Obviously something's going on here, but what, exactly, is that something?

Well, I believe in some ways it's due to the fact that TPC has now, proverbially at least, become the paper of record of the home city & county, and by gosh, I can't tell you how thrilling, amazing, humbling & kind of crazy that is.

Thank you.

Let's keep it going, yeah? Why Stop Now? 

Kindly Yours, 

MB McCart


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