09 February 2020

IMHO - The Week in Review by Bess Tuggle: Fare Thee Well, Judge; TSPLOST & Cousins

General Beauregard Lee has predicted another six weeks of winter. After floods and snow, I’ve got the perfect marinade for him, if anyone’s interested. I promise, this marinade will make shoe-leather taste good. I threaten our puppy with it on a daily basis. We love her, but she -does- push our limits.

It’s with regrets that we’re losing Judge Ozburn. I simply can’t imagine him leaving the bench, or what to say about it. I wish him and his well, and thank him for his service.

Kudos go out to our new Twelve Oaks Bed ‘n Breakfast! While I’m not an early bird for breakfast, I -do- look forward to checking the place out. Looks like heaven to me!


Marshall McCart, Real Estate Agent

I just finished a new Joe Hill book. “Full Throttle.” I’ll spare you the good, bad ‘n ugly, but in his afterword about “Mums” I found one quote very poignant. “Sometimes I think the national crop is not wheat or corn but paranoia.”

I don’t know if it’s justified or not, but two headlines in the paper this week took my breath away.

The first was about the TSPLOST vote in November. Please, people.. do we REALLY want to give them more money to waste?

The second was about the purchase of the former Cousins school, and the tip off for me was the mention of lil’ Frank. Frank Turner, Jr. The Fowler connection.


Sick and scared, but this *^&% has to stop.

Bess 

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