24 February 2020

Kayla's Corner: Sushi at Kroger & What's That Smell?!

Hey guys, welcome back to Kayla's Corner! 

As usual your typical grocery store will occasionally rearrange aisles, make small or large improvements & bring in new attractions to help better their customers' experiences.

Well, the Kroger on Hwy 278 has added sushi as part of their ever expanding business.

I, myself, am a huge fan of sushi & sushi sorts, so when I received word about Kroger's new addition, I became very interested! At half the price of Tokyo (Tokyo is not very expensive) & much closer to my location, it seemed like a no-brainer to give this a shot (and saving money is saving money).

In hindsight, I pretty much got what I payed for...We'll get to that in a little bit.

So upon receiving the news I took my lunch break & excitedly made my way over to Newton Plaza. Once there, I found the sushi bar & was greeted by two sushi chefs & a good deal of already prepared sushi.

As I was looking it over a lady to the left of me said she thoroughly enjoyed it & that I wouldn't regret it. I hesitantly laughed as I grabbed my $6.99 pre-made Spicy Tuna Roll & then proceeded to pick up a couple of other items from the store.

What is that Smell?

I get about 6 or 7 aisles from the sushi & become overwhelmed by a dead fish smell. It completely took over half of the store, maybe coming from the seafood department. I didn't stick around long enough to find out. I honestly couldn't continue my shopping (I'm sure Kroger has a good explanation, though I've heard this complaint from others but this was my first time witnessing it). Anywho, I went straight to the U-Scan & I was out!

So I get back, sit down & eat my sushi (What follows is my OPINION which may or may not be different than yours):

Being spoiled by Carlos & Jon at Tokyo, I am accustomed to supreme sushi. For Kroger, when it comes to presentation, I give it an A. It looked excellent. For taste, a B- & due to the fact that I ended up in the restroom with an upset stomach, I give it an overall grade of a C.

I MAY give them another try, then again, I may just spend the extra time & money & just head up to Tokyo's in Conyers. 

Let me know what you guys think? Feel free to drop comments on Facebook or at the website or send a message to TPC!

On a positive note, be sure to check out the produce section at Kroger. They've really stepped their game up! Keep up the hard work, Kroger, it shows!

Keeping an Eye on Covington,

Kayla Leasure