27 February 2020

The Rebellion Comes to Senior Senator's Race in Georgia - Shane Hazel Launches Campaign

*Ed. Note - I'm a big fan of Mr. Hazel & I think it's just fantastic that we'll have a true Liberty candidate advocating for our message & "fanning the Flames of Freedom, one Heart & Mind at a Time!" - MB McCart 


Shane Hazel Is Back & He’s on Fire!
Shane Hazel Bursts Back Into Politics & He’s Running For US Senate

GEORGIA: Today, Shane Hazel officially launches his US Senate campaign. He’ll be taking on the statist democrat candidate and the current incumbent and controlled opposition, David Perdue in the general election in November.

Hazel, “My mission is to bring people together while preserving the freedom of every individual, regardless of skin color, age, faith, gender, love and every other nuance which make us unique. We must come together and remove the government/corporate cabals from the lives of peaceful people here in the US and around the world. It’s time to #EndTheWars, #EndTheFed & and long past time to #EndTheEmpire.”

Hazel says “Perdue currently has a failing, F, Constitutional voting record with a shocking 57% from the New American, Freedom Index. Worse he’s also one of the top spenders in the US Senate per spendingtracker.org. I don’t think Perdue is corrupt, I just don’t think he’s ever been exposed to the ideas of Austrian Economics, The Non-aggression principle or the writings & conditions of the Anti-Federalist in accepting the Federalist’s Constitution.”

The Libertarian Party of Georgia had this to say, “We're excited to have Shane Hazel running for U.S. Senate on a platform of peace, liberty & free markets. When a Marine tells you about the waste and horror of war, hear him. When a father warns that inflation and debt will bury the next generation, listen. When a fierce defender of the Constitution points to tyranny at home and abroad, don't look away. Donate a few dollars to help sustain Shane's efforts and spread the message. He's starting brushfires of liberty all the way to the GPB debate stage and he'll need our help.”

Shane Hazel is also the host and producer of The Rebellion Podcast which can be heard on all major podcast platforms and seen on YouTube. He and his fellow host, Banks Wise (currently Matt Gurtler’s campaign manager), analyze politics from local to global level, interview candidates, politicians, break stories and read original documents like the Anti-federalist in a long form format much like the Joe Rogan Experience with a focus on the principles of Peace, Liberty and Free Markets.

This is Hazel’s second run at US Congress. Although he didn’t win the GA7th house seat, many credit Hazel with Woodall’s demise. After staying out of the general election, Hazel called Woodall and guaranteed him that “if you’re voting record doesn’t get a whole lot more Constitutional, we won’t stay out of the next election.” Weeks later Woodall announced he would be retiring.

Hazel is poised to make this race explode nationally with his connections and draw from not only the Libertarians, but also his draw from the Republican liberty crowd, which will play a pivotal part in his campaign.

You can read Shane’s platform and donate to Shane at ShaneHazel.com
Facebook: ShaneHazel
Twitter: shanethazel
YouTube: The Rebellion
Other Websites: rebellionpod.com

Friends of Shane Hazel, Inc


  1. Another libertarian spoiler. Their positions: legalization of drugs, abortion on demand, open borders and emasculate the military. You may as well vote for the Democrat in November.

    1. With all due respect, Mr. Fred, I believe you are 100% incorrect on almost all of this & I'll tell you why:

      First off, the whole "spoiler" thing is trite & tired. The empirical data clearly shows that the Libertarian draws as much from the Dems as the dear grand ole party. In fact, while some from the left were busy complaining about Jill Stein & the Greens in the 2016 POTUS election, the numbers clearly show that Gary Johnson's record-breaking vote total - especially in a few key states - was singularly responsible for DJT becoming our 45th President. So, Fred, you should probably hug a Libertarian sometime soon. Tell them - "Thank You."

      Number Two: Legalization of Drugs? What's the Problem? Can't be any worse than the failed War on Drugs that has expansively grown the size & scope of government at all levels. I thought you were a fiscal conservative, Fred? Why do you hate the American Taxpayer so much?

      Abortion on demand? There is no evidence of that being a part of Hazel's platform, obviously.

      As a side note, it was Ron Paul who taught me that the only true libertarian is a pro-life libertarian (you know - the whole pursuit of LIFE, Liberty, etc).

      As to open borders, every single libertarian (or Libertarian w/ a capital L for that matter) that I know understands that the welfare state would have to be completely dismantled before anything close to that could ever occur. Personally, I'm all about borders. Good fences & all...

      Emasculation of the military, you say. Well, if we quit our attempts at empire, lying prostrate to the MIC & the Deep State and went 100% with a :true: America First foreign policy, we could probably save ourselves hundreds of billions of dollars every year while IMPROVING our military efficiency & preparedness.

      I will agree with your final point, though. You might as well vote Democrat if you're planning to vote for that political hack, big-government-loving, opportunistic charlatan-of-a-whore RINO David Perdue.

      That's the way I see it.

    2. Several organic things like single-member districts and plurality elections have kept our politics relatively free from the multi-party mess found in Europe. However, third parties continue to appear on the horizon to absorb the purists who can't force themselves to compromise and vote for one of the two major parties.

      Let me respond to a couple of your major points which are partly empirical, partly anecdotal.

      There are several states like Wisconsin where more people voted for Jill Stein than the difference between Trump and Clinton. I can't believe any of her votes would have gone to Trump. There may have been some Democrats who voted for Johnson, but most of his votes came from neverTrumpers who will be voting for William Weld this time around.

      A libertarian who is pro-life and believes in protecting our borders is a conservative.

      Ask San Francisco how decriminalizing drugs has worked out for them.

      You don't have to be a libertarian to oppose regime change and the military entanglements we have gotten ourselves into over the last 20 years. We now have military forces in more countries than are represented in the United Nations.

      Are you really saying that having Perdue in the Senate has been no better than if Nunn had won the election? Or how 'bout Stacey Abrams? Perdue may not be perfect, but he certainly is not a RINO. We're only three seats away from losing the Senate. No more conservative judges.

    3. Fair points, all; however, until a certain political party is taught a lesson, we need to go in w/ guns ablaze.

      Sorry, not sorry.

      Always a pleasure to converse with a man of your experience & intellect. Thanks.

    4. One last word. You know how fervent I am about the GOP being inclusive. But, it would help the libertarians' case if come November, the Republican Party felt more confident about their support when the chips are down. One of the reasons the Democrats have succeeded over the years is their factions fight viciously during the primaries but they always come together for the general election.



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