05 February 2020

A Piece by Guest Columnist Fred Wheeler - Thoughts on the Iowa Disaster & the Coming Showdown Between Conservatism & Socialism

You may have tried to follow the story about the caucuses in Iowa. I say "tried" because along with all the other problems, apparently, the state Democratic Party and the DNC are only allowing news of the final count to trickle out. Some thoughts emerge from this mess:

(1) The same people who want to run our health system and Venezuelaize our economy (Bernie now says he wants national rent control) can't even count 165,000 votes. I'm old enough to remember wage and price controls of the seventies. It took two decades for our society to recover from that adventure with fascism.

(2) I don't know how much the campaign involving the caucuses adds to the Iowa economy, but the good citizens of Iowa probably can thank the Democratic Party for losing it. Look for some candidates in the future to just skip Iowa.

(3) Closely connected to number (2) is maybe finally we can rid ourselves of ethanol. The only reason we still have the requirement is because of the politicians' pandering to the special interests in Iowa.

(4) The Democratic Party elites stole the nomination from Bernie in 2016. They are afraid of him again. Before they used "super delegates" to give the nomination to Hillary. Now, it looks like they are just going to hide the vote. (By the way, Bernie has never had a job. He's always worked for the government. How did he become a millionaire?)

(5) Apparently, the high-tech company that designed the system to report and count the votes was made up of Hillary supporters who now are affiliated with Biden. They were paid something like $67,000 for this failed system. They could have completed the job with a pencil, telephone and a two-dollar calculator from Walmart.

(6) I don't know who these guys are, but surely no one will hire them as political consultants again. Look for them to be on CNN or MSNBC as political commentators.

(7) By the time the final results are in, the country will be engaged with the primary in New Hampshire and the Iowa caucuses will be in the dustbin of history.

(8) This election will be a showdown between conservatism and socialism -- even more than 1972. This time the nominee will be a REAL socialist. Bernie spent his honeymoon in the USSR. He has spent the last fifty years praising Cuba and backed the communists in Nicaragua. If the country is so stupid it wants that, then so be it. Tocqueville said we get the government we deserve. While we are on the subject, the Democrats made absolute asses of themselves at the State of the Union last night. Won't even applaud for low unemployment for minorities, the survival of a premature baby or the awarding of a scholarship for a little fourth-grade black girl. How petty. But, they were all elected by somebody.