25 February 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - M-m-m-my CORONA! Deconstructing a Viral Construct (or Two)

I may have been remiss not to mention the Novel Coronavirus 2019 on these digital pages before. As Pop Smoke would have said, “My bad!” A song to get us in the mood for a pandemic!

When you gonna sicken me, s-sicken me?
Is it just a matter of time, CORONA?
Is it q-q-quarantine, q-quarantine?
Or is it just a hack in my throat, CORONA?

*Deepest, deepest, low-grade fever apologies to Doug Fieger, Berton Averre, and The Knack.

Over at Freedom Prepper - which is slowly rebounding(!) - I have been covering the vicious little bug for a few weeks now. Check that out - pretty much any recent link or blurb. There’s a lot to this epidemic and a lot we are not being told. Let’s get this out of the way: I think it’s either about to blow over or about to blow up. Some tips, in case it’s the latter. And, if you trust “your” government, that in China, the mainstream media, the WHO, etc., then please keep track of the “official” damage. The last time I checked the math, on Friday, February 21st, 2,233 of the related (reported) deaths, out of 2,250 total, were in China. That’s 99.244%. The vast majority of cases and of recoveries are also in Asia, most being within mainland China.

Let’s get this out of the way, too: while it appears the nCoV19 can infect nearly anyone (it’s a cold virus strain, BTW), it also appears to be much more dangerous to Asians. And, from what I’m hearing, it really savages the Asian male population. But, don’t take my word for it:

A student at the University of Albany (NY) allegedly hosted a Coronavirus-themed party. You know, the Super Bowl is over and it’s not quite Saint Patrick’s Day, etc. And, if the allegations are true, that this was an attempt to mock the suffering of others, then it was in rather poor taste. Allegedly. If. Then. What does not need qualification is the reaction to the party by a certain student organization, the Asian American Alliance. In what may be the most original rhetoric I have ever read or heard, they say the alleged, if-then party was “racist.” And they’re demanding action!

Among their many Mao-like revolutionary demands, they admit the following interesting admission: “Diseases that affect non-white populations are radicalized in a way that stems from the innate xenophobia of American society. It serves to--” Hold up, right there! First, a lecture from Asians about innate xenophobia in America?! That’s like the Icelandic calling the Djiboutians innately cold-natured! AND!! What’s all this about diseases that affect non-white populations? Are we not reliably informed that race is only a social construct? Yeah, it simultaneously does not exist and is the most important thing ever - thanks, schizos! Are the Allied Asian-Americans about to get all genetic on us? All biological? Scientific? If you’re like me, then right now I’ll bet you “can’t even.” Of course, they could imply that, like the party, the virus itself is racist. It might literally be so.

No-one in authority is talking about this, but hints and rumors abound that the nCoV was genetically modified, weaponized if you will. This may be the world’s first case of a virus being turned into a WMD specifically designed to target one particular population. Yes, that is a possibility as there are enough genetic differences between the different races to accommodate doing the same. B-b-but we all share 99.99% of the same DNA! True. But it’s the tiniest fractions that make the difference. Go small enough, and you have an isolated individual. As a species, we share 99% of our DNA with apes. 84% with dogs. 60% with spiders. 50% with bananas. And, 5-10% with the nCoV itself. It’s a biological engineering construct. And, it may be that someone has tampered with it. Who? We don’t know, although there is no shortage of theory. Google about for that or those, if you like. Remember, if they can do it to afflict group X, then...

Yet and still, neither our illustrious President nor any of the 50 governors have done anything in the way of mitigating the potential fallout of the potential disaster - for Asian-Americans, American-Americans, or anyone else in this nation-shaped kind of place. The Russians are taking this seriously. As are the Italians. And the Israelis. And the Swiss. And the Chinese. Etc. Etc. Etc. No longer being a serious people, it figures that Americans sit by, nervously watching the precious GDP if anything. Okay, a federal judge in Kalifornia did block the quarantining of anyone potentially infected with Corona, but that’s worse than doing nothing.

Back at the University of Albany, we see two other kinds of virulent infections at work: busybody-syndrome and college code of conduct-itis. They have also been weaponized. Now, is there a vaccine?

*Next week, if I can find some catchy lyrics that rhyme with “discrown,” we may get into the Harry and Meghan debacle. Or not.