16 February 2020

IMHO - The Week in Review by Bess Tuggle: News of Newton & the COV

“Commissioners OK new Eastside fire station.” 
 This just gets tougher and tougher for me every week. Someone needs to start a go-fund-me page for my husband’s mental health. He has to listen to me yell at my papers’, the news, the TV, the internet…

A new fire station is approved for the eastern part of Newton, per our county commissioners.


No mention of getting our old one back up to snuff, but they do talk about new sites that we might have to purchase with our tax dollars. County Road 213, Big Woods Road, Starrsville Road,and Poplar Hill Road are all listed as potential sites.

Why in the Sam-hell (no disrespect to my dear friend) do they not consider the land behind East Newton Elementary?!? Or maybe they have; that would be Elks Club and Starrsville Roads. It’s county owned. Or, if they’re gonna sh!t-can the elementary school and build another, use the existing facilities! I can come up with other sites, but -why- do we have to buy property when we’ve already got an over-abundance of it? And why does Kerr recommend the county bonding the project and consider the establishment of a Newton County Public Facilities Authority to issue bonds? I gotta wonder whose fingers are in that pie. Another “Authority”?!? Money down the drain, once again.

Enough with the negative. It’s time for my “Kudos” for the week.

I have to say I’m –proud- of our CPD for their alcohol compliance checks. I remember working at a convenience store. The rules were they’d pay my first bail ($300) if I messed up; subsequent infractions would be all on me. I never got one.

Note: While I don’t agree with the age requirements for alcohol and tobacco, I do believe if you can vote for your Commander in Chief and potentially die for your County, you should be able to pick your own poisons. I thank my two active Marines for their service.

It’s with regret that I missed the “Active Shooter Training” at UMC. I -REALLY- did want to go to that one. I’m just not a “morning” person. I’ll growl at you before 10 a.m. With that said, please be aware that I didn’t attend when, and if, you approach our front door before 10 a.m.

Congrats to all the new Valentine’s Newly Weds! I wish you all well! For the newlyweds, and us old married couples alike, Mexico Beach is offering a complimentary vow renewal service on April 18, 3 p.m. CT with reception following. Hope to see you all there!

- Bess
PS: My husband is -AWESOME-! He cooked me the best Valentine’s supper ever!!! Hope everyone’s was just as wonderful!

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