19 February 2020

From the National Affairs Desk - "Well, Of Course"

As I warned about at TPC two years ago, and as I’ve continued to warn, Mark Zuckerberg wants to control the laws of our nation. To fight “hate,” which I’m sure will be most conveniently defined.
He’s not alone. All of big tech wants to dominate the web and censor unpopular (read: true) speech.
Some of the biggest corporations in the United States are brawling over the future of the law that allows free speech and innovation to thrive online. Under the guise of getting rid of lies and protecting children, they’re working with the Trump administration and top Republicans to undermine Americans’ rights and give the government unprecedented control over online speech.
That they do, and they may well get their way, the words and acts of gentlemen like Ron Wyden notwithstanding. As gatekeepers, they must control the narrative at all costs. As idiots, the majority of the people couldn’t care less.
The day may come – be it long delayed – when this site is silenced. I won’t be. Social media does not suit me and I can’t understand how anyone tolerates it. My columns at TPC, always honest and always based on facts (even the fictional stories, most of them), sometimes stir hesitance. Some things, I am told, while true, are still off-limits or at least touchy. So be it. Things will continue even if I have to print pamphlets from typewriter to printing press.But, the truth will go on. Who’ll hear it?